Document Process

Project List:

We are providing document processing solutions. We have large experience in document processing area. Able to recognize Barcode, OMR processing, Specific symbol identification, Document conversion process, Image cropping, Image enhancement,.

We have expertise in following area of document processing:

  • 1. OMR Result processing
  • 2. ID-card Generation
  • 3. Document Scanning Software (Camera Based Overhead Scanner and ADF)
  • 4. Barcode Recognition
  • 5. Image Cropping (Auto Cropping and Manual Cropping)
  • 6. Image Enhancement
  • 7. Color image to Black&White(Binary) image conversion
  • 8. Resize Image
  • 9. Image to Single or Multi page PDF conversion
  • 10. Image to Single or Multi TFF conversion(With custom define tiff compression)
  • 11. Any image format to any image format conversion

ID-card Generation:

We have expertise to develop softcopy of icard. We have capacity to develop 50,000 Icard softcopy per day.
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