What we can provide:

We can provide automation application as per customer requirements. Currently we are providing in following communication protocols in industry area. We are providing monitoring and control most of all standard PLCs which supports Modbus and OPC server.
  • (1) All NI Hardware communication protocols
  • (2) Modbus and OPC Server
  • (3) Serial RS-232 and 485
  • (4) Ethernet TCP/IP over LAN and WiFi network
  • (5) GPIB
  • (6) USB
  • (7) Bluetooth
  • (8) Infrared
  • (9) HTTP Client, FTP, UDP,SMTP Mail, Data Socket
  • (10) Web Based Application and Web Services
  • (11) Android App for monitoring Acquired Data.

We are also interested to develop projects in FPGA, ARM processer base, Sound and Vibrations, Real Time System, Wireless Sensor Network, Signal Processing, Robotics, Biomedical, GPS Simulation, SMS based Application, Third Party Tool, Android Base App, etc